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Do you ever wonder if your POI is a twin flame or a soulmate ? This is a written reading communicating with your guides and communicating with his guides. this will compare the two of your strengths and weakness. good and bads and messages from both of your spirit guides. This will show if he is a twin flame or a soulmate and the compatibility rating between the two of you. This is a little bit past life reading mixed with future reading, mixed with compatibility reading. This is a couple pages long and very detailed. it could be very, very helpful and knowing more about the compatibility and if it's meant to be with your POI. When booking include both names in the reason for reading section. this reading compares the compatibility between you and another person in all areas and I mean all areas of life after booking send me both names through email

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Email Reading Penelope C

  • By clicking, agree, and continuing with the booking, you’re agreeing that all sales are final’s no refunds are given. Also, this is for entertainment purposes only. We are not doctors or lawyers we are spiritualist.

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