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Provider Of Names, Dates, Details, Time Frames, Descriptions. Reader of Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions of Others. (when spirit gives them to me). All Penelopes readings are unique for the individual, with no cookie cutter readings.

My Story

I am not a book learned or class learned reader. I am a natural psychic and have been so since birth. No one taught me to be psychic, it is a God given gift that comes naturally and accurately for 50 years. I am an intuitive empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to feel and know the mental or emotional state of another individual. I often feel the intentions, actions, and words of others. Many clients say that the words I use are exactly what someone said to them. I see, hear, feel, sense, and know. I teach seminars, and workshops. I teach people how to align themselves, live spiritually, pull happiness towards themselves, and allow things to flow naturally, to be their very best emotionally, spiritually, mentally. I teach people how to be their happiest.

I give nonjudgmental, kind, great detail, psychic advice showing you several difference paths so you can make you own best choices. My readings are not general but detailed and custom for you.  I have developed my own techniques to help couples communicate, bond, and to help you find your true love. I have worked with thousands of couples online and in person for close to 50 years. I can give great details about a person, and what they are thinking and feeling, and intending to do. This is both professionally and romantically. I aim to give you a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. If you are stuck on your true path, I can help. It doesn't matter how much I might have to help another person; it only matters if they're ready, willing, and able to receive it.

I give names, dates, details, emotions, past lives, descriptions, paths. I am a Certified Life Coach, and winner of the top 20 readers in the world, in an international competition. I will never try to up sell you with spells, rituals, a cleansing, or to email you in a panic that you must call me immediately. Instead, I offer to you a detailed thorough reading, with details, details, details, customized for you.  I am a medium. Spirits and deceased appear to me, which was scary at first. It can happen during your reading. I believe in signs, dreams, past lives, guardian angels and spirit guides. I can tell you about your past life, who your angels are, how to communicate with them, and how to interpret your dreams and signs. I can also tell you WHEN to expect a sign and what kind of sign. I teach and educate to help your spiritual level. My private practice has been over 50 years. Longevity speaks for itself. You can trust me with the intimate details of your life


Penelope goes live every Tuesday at 9PM Est on her instagram Official.PenelopeC.

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