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We all are born with certain names and numbers around us. When you know what your numbers are you can using them for MANY things. You can use them to find the right house, or to know the date WHEN to contact someone, or what their best time is to talk to you. Numbers are used throughout your life...buying things, dates and time frames, and yes...lotteries and games of chance. I have found over the years when I use my numbers on games of chance they often come in. I would say maybe 75% of the time they win. Now of course there is NO guarantee on this. This is you being given the numbers that are right for your lifetime. I will give you your numbers and explain them to you. This is NOT computer generated. This is me talking with your spirit guides to obtain those numbers. This is a written reading. You will receive it through the email. This is a reading, in which I communicate with your guides, angels, and deceased loved ones around you. Hey, sometimes your loved ones had their own special numbers, they want to pass down to you. I know my Dad did. Readings are not refundable, nor cancelled. I put a lot of work into these. Check the reviews...people love the email readings.

Number Reading

  • By clicking, agree, and continuing with the booking, you’re agreeing that all sales are final’s no refunds are given. Also, this is for entertainment purposes only. We are not doctors or lawyers we are spiritualist. 

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